LeapHeap Support

Support for LeapHeap costs 42 euro per processor (CPU) per year.

The processors of all the machines (computers) within your organisation upon which LeapHeap software is at any one time installed count towards the total number, whether the machines are in active use or not. For example, if you install LeapHeap on 20 desktop machines and a quad-processor server with dual-processor standby server, that constitutes 26 processors. The same network but with LeapHeap installed only on the servers counts as six processors.

Support fees are payable by cheque in one of the currencies below:

If paying in a currency other than euro, use our current exchange rates to translate the total payment.

For larger orders, volume discounts are applicable on the following basis:
1 to 100 processors : No discount
101 to 1000 processors: 25% discount
Over 1000 processors : 55% discount

Once you are a supported customer, contact is by email in the first instance.

A printable form is provided to assist your application.

Our relationship with our customers is confidential. We do not disclose customers' details to third parties, except under compulsion of a court order or statutory inquiry. We will not send any unsolicited communication, save for a single reminder letter or email when renewal of your LeapHeap support falls due.

Please address any enquiries about buying LeapHeap support to: sales@leapheap.com